THE UK Government should launch a public campaign aimed at preventing “Ukraine fatigue” spreading among voters, MPs have heard.

Anum Qaisar, speaking for the SNP, said such an initiative would explain to people why the UK was supporting Ukraine and what they could do to help.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said he thought the public “instinctively understand” why the support must continue.

Qaisar, MP for Airdrie and Shotts, told the Commons: “As this war morphs into a protracted conflict, the creep of Ukraine fatigue into the UK public is an increasing danger.

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“Statistics published recently show, in the midst of the hike to UK prices, the UK public’s support for continuing economic sanctions against Russia has fallen from 73% in March to 41% in this month.

“So what is the UK Government doing to mitigate against Ukraine fatigue? Will the UK Government commit to a public campaign to remind the electorate a) why we’re supporting Ukraine and b) what they can continue doing to help?”

Cleverly replied: “With regards to the UK’s support to Ukraine, we recognise that this winter will be tough for people here in the UK.

“Our energy support package is designed to alleviate some of that pressure, but we recognise it will be tough.

“But I think the British people instinctively understand that if we slip back from our support to the Ukrainians in this incredibly difficult time for them, the costs globally will be huge.

“The cost in lives, the cost in food supplies, the cost in energy supplies and the costs to families here in the UK.

“So as difficult as it is, and I recognise that it is difficult for everyone at this time, it’s essential we continue our support for Ukraine because the costs of inaction will be so much higher.”