THE SNP’s calls for a “fully transparent, truly independent investigation” into allegations of bullying and sexual harassment of women in the Royal Navy have been brushed aside by the UK Government.

It comes in the wake of several whistleblowers revealing that they faced near constant physical and mental abuse while serving in the Submarine Service.

Former lieutenant Sophie Brook described the environment as “toxic” and detailed dozens of instances of sexual abuse in an interview with the Daily Mail at the weekend.

Other whistleblowers have also come forward to provide details of mistreatment by men while serving in the Submarine Service, including a “crush depth rape list” which ranked women by the order in which they should be raped in the case of a catastrophic event on board.

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It has resulted in the Royal Navy launching an urgent internal investigation, with First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Ben Key saying he was “deeply disturbed” by the allegations.

However, speaking to the House of Commons during an Urgent Question on the issue, SNP MP Brendan O’Hara called on the government to undertake a fully independent investigation.

He said: “I think we can all agree that the reports that emerged over the weekend are truly shocking.

“I pay tribute to the women who have spoken out about the abuse they’ve suffered, including Sophie Brooke, the former Royal Navy lieutenant, who described her abuse as being ‘constant’ and that it came from the top down.

“[It confirms] what Emma Norton from the Centre for Military Justice said about there being a culture of nasty, pernicious, endemic sexual harassment, within which people seemingly acted with impunity and that must change.

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“So, I am sceptical of the First Sea Lord’s announcement of yet another internal investigation. It’s simply not good enough.

“Because as the MP for Argyle and Bute, which takes in the naval base at Faslane, I understand that this episode casts a shadow over the entire service and I am sure that there are thousands of hardworking, thoroughly decent Royal naval personnel who will demand that those responsible – irrespective of their rank or status – are rooted out and disciplined.

“They will want a thorough, independent investigation. One that can report without fear or favour. So, does the minister agree that it can only be achieved by a fully transparent, truly independent investigation of these facts.

However, Tory MP Andrew Murrison, who was appointed as Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence on Sunday, made no commitment to embarking upon an independent investigation.

“I think it would be nice to have the facts first, which is the point of the investigation launched on October 24, which lets be clear was before the lurid accounts that appeared in the media were published,” he said.

“I think that gives a signal of intent as far as defence is concerned that these matters are being treated very serious indeed.”

Repeated calls for independent oversight into military investigations have been largely ignored by the Ministry of Defence, according to the Centre for Military Justice.

A report into the experiences of women in the armed forces published last year took evidence from more than 4100 women.

Two-thirds of respondents said they had experienced bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination, with the report concluding that the armed forces were failing to protect female recruits.