NICOLA Sturgeon did not hold back as she tore apart Douglas Ross’s remaining shred of credibility during an absolutely brutal FMQs exchange.

Let’s be honest – whatever the Moray MP said was going to go badly for him. He could have got up and read the phone book, and he would have got his arse handed to him regardless.

It’s the first FMQs for a few weeks, and in that time there’s been a couple of prime ministers and quite a lot of Westminster shambles.

Ross mainly spent his recess time changing his mind about anything and everything.

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One would argue there were too many U-turns to list, but Sturgeon did a remarkable job of fitting as many as possible into one minute as the pair clashed in the Holyrood Chamber.

“I’m not sure we should put much store at all on anything Douglas Ross has to say,” she told the Chamber as he kicked off FMQs.

“Let me just reflect on the last few weeks in the life of Douglas Ross, leader – for now – of the Scottish Conservative party.”

And then she really got stuck in.

“He called on Boris Johnson to resign, then he U-turned. Then he called on Boris Johnson to resign again, then he U-turned again.

“He demanded that I follow the mini-Budget, then he applauded Liz Truss for scrapping the mini-Budget … “He voted for fracking in England – now I think he welcomes the fact that the fracking ban has been reinstated in England.

“Just last week, or the week before, he said Liz Truss would win the next General Election and days later he welcomed the resignation of Liz Truss.

“Today he backs Rishi Sunak, who knows what Douglas Ross’s position will be this time next week.”

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That’s some burn.

Let’s not forget, there are people in his party who are pretty fed up of Ross being absolutely all over the place – but there’s basically no mechanism of ousting a leader, so they’re stuck with him.

You’re welcome to stay as long as you want, Douglas – from our perspective, you’re doing a brilliant job.