IT is expected that Rishi Sunak will speak to the First Minister before the end of his first full-day as Prime Minister, a Scottish Government spokesperson has confirmed.

When Sunak was announced as the new leader of the Conservative party on Monday, Nicola Sturgeon said on social media that she would seek a “constructive relationship” with the new Prime Minister but urged him to call a General Election.

During Liz Truss’s short tenure Nicola Sturgeon did not receive a phone call from the Prime Minister – an occurrence she said was “unprecedented”.

Speaking to the BBC earlier this month she said: “I’ve not yet had a phone call with her, which is actually unprecedented.

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“I had early phone calls with all of the other prime ministers in my time as First Minister.

Asked if she was surprised at not getting a call from the PM, she added: “It’s not just me, to the best of my knowledge, the same is true for the First Minister of Wales.”

It appears Rishi Sunak does not wish to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps with regard to relations with the devolved administrations.

However, Nicola Sturgeon has said that Sunak must not unleash another round of austerity on Scotland.

She added: “For Scotland, of course, he becomes another PM we did not and, without doubt would not vote for even if given the chance.

“To escape the damage of Westminster governments with no mandate here, and take our future into our own hands, Scotland needs independence.”