THE Liberal Democrats have launched a bid to block Boris Johnson from becoming prime minister again.

The party has tabled a motion in Parliament that seeks to stop MPs found to have broken the law while in government from getting into No 10.

Johnson is reportedly jetting back from the Caribbean as he is being touted as a leadership candidate to take over from Liz Truss less than two months after he left office. 

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Although he has not announced plans to stand for leader, he is believed to have the backing of dozens of MPs. 

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg became the first Cabinet member to back Johnson as a potential successor to Truss on Friday morning, tweeting a graphic that said “I’m Backing Boris” alongside the hashtag ‘#BORISorBUST’.

In his final speech outside Downing Street, Johnson hinted that he would be back one day. 

Johnson loyalist Nadine Dorries, the former culture secretary, said she had spoken to the former PM following Truss’s resignation and hinted that he was preparing to run.

“He is a known winner and that is certainly who I’m putting my name against because I want us to win the general election. Having a winner in place is what the party needs to survive,” she told Sky News.

But LibDem deputy leader Daisy Cooper said the public would never forgive the former Tory leader.

She said: “Boris Johnson is Britain’s Berlusconi. Conservative MPs are flocking to support yet another disgraced prime minister.

“The British public will never forget the way Boris Johnson repeatedly lied to them over his Covid lawbreaking. Partygate and the subsequent cover up proved he is unfit to govern this great country.

“From his illegal lockdown parties to his Government’s unlawful failure to protect care home residents during the pandemic, Boris Johnson’s tenure as prime minister demonstrated that he simply has no regard for rules or for the general public.

“It is time to end this Conservative party soap opera. People’s mortgage bills are spiralling out of control and local health services are at breaking point. The country deserves better than yet more Conservative chaos and incompetence.”

SNP MP Mhairi Black said: "No liar, cheat or crook should ever hold the office of Prime Minister - let alone twice. 

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"Boris Johnson was tossed out of Downing Street in disgrace for consistently breaking the law, misleading Parliament and bring the country into disrepute. 

"The idea that he could return to office without there being a general election is simply astonishing and deeply undemocratic. 

"However, regardless of who occupies No. 10, Scotland will continue to be vulnerable. Only by escaping Westminster control for good can we build a stronger, better and more progressive future."

For critics, a comeback would be particularly problematic as Johnson still faces an investigation by the Commons Privileges Committee over claims he lied to Parliament about lockdown parties in Downing Street, which could potentially see him expelled as an MP.

Johnson's office has been approached for comment.