DOUGLAS Ross has said Liz Truss made the "right decision" to resign as Prime Minister.

The Scottish Conservative leader said just a week ago he believed Truss would win the next General Election on Question Time.

But he has now insisted there was "no other options" but for her to quit after the events of the past seven days, which have included the sacking of her chancellor and the "resignation" of her home secretary.

Ross said in a statement: “I wish Liz Truss and her family well. No matter where you stand on her decisions as Prime Minister, politics can be very tough on people personally.

“She has made a difficult choice but it is the right decision. There were no other options after recent events.

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“We must now move forward quickly with the election of a new Leader and Prime Minister to restore stability for the good of the country.

“It is vital that the Conservative and Unionist Party unites and continues the hard work of getting the whole of the UK through the big challenges we face.”

Truss - the shortest-serving PM ever in UK history - has said the new prime minister would take her place within the next week and that she will remain in her post until a successor is chosen.