THE Prime Minister is viewed positively by just one in 10 people in the UK and the majority of her own party's members want her gone, polling has found.

YouGov polling found that a massive 83% of Tory Party members think Liz Truss is doing badly in the top job, while a separate popularity survey also found that she is viewed negatively by 80% of Brits.

The polls will be dire reading for a Tory leader desperately clinging to power after less than two months in office, with her spending plans in tatters after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt took the wheel.

She is even less popular than disgraced former prime minister Boris Johnson, who was forced out of office by his own party after a litany of scandals and law-breaking.

Johnson is viewed negatively by 65% of the public, with 29% having a positive view of the former Tory leader.

The Conservative Party itself is also languishing, with just 18% of Brits viewing it favourably compared to 71% who view it negatively, according to the YouGov polling.

If the leadership contest run over the summer were to be held again, 55% of Tory members said they would back Rishi Sunak.

However, Labour are also unlikely to be too content with their own popularity results. The party’s UK leader, Keir Starmer (below), has a net favourability rating of -5, while the party itself has a net positive rating of one.

The National: Sir Keir Starmer

It comes as a Portland Communications poll predicted the Labour Party would have a 36-point lead over the Tories in a UK-wide election.

Asked who was to blame for the UK’s economic crisis, 47% of respondents to that poll said Truss, while just 7% pointed the finger at the sacked chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng.

In the YouGov poll, 83% of Tory members said Truss was doing badly as Conservative leader, compared with just 15% who said she was doing well and 2% being unsure.

The YouGov popularity polling further suggests that Truss and the Tories are more unpopular in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.

The party had a net rating of -68 in Scotland, the lowest of any area, while 84% of Scots had a negative view of the Prime Minister.

So far, five Tory MPs have publicly called for Truss to quit.

A snap poll of Tory Party members found that more than half agree, and say Truss should resign as Prime Minister.

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Some 55% said Truss should resign, with only 38% wanting her to stay on as leader in the YouGov poll of 530 members surveyed on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Some 39% of those who voted for Truss in the Tory leadership race said she should resign, compared with 57% who said she should stay in office.

Johnson was the favourite to succeed Truss on 32%, with Rishi Sunak second on 23% and then Ben Wallace on 10%.

The YouGov popularity survey asked a total of 1724 UK adults, with a Scottish subsample of 156 people. It was conducted from October 14-16.

The Portland Communications poll was conducted over the same dates, asking 1511 UK adults about their voting intentions.

YouGov's survey of 530 Tory members was conducted from October 17-18.