A NEW poll has shown that the Conservative party could lose more than 300 seats if a General Election were held tomorrow. 

The poll, conducted by political polling company Redfield & Winton Strategies, showed the Conservatives retaining just 22 seats – a loss of 343.

It also showed the Labour party with the largest lead for any political party with any polling company since October 1997.

The results suggested that Keir Starmer’s party would gain 313 seats in Westminster, resulting in a majority of 380.

Just 14% of respondents said they expected a Conservative majority at the next General Election, with 47% believing the Labour party would win a majority.

Former culture minister Nadine Dorries said the polls reflected the downfall of Conservative party since Boris Johnson’s departure.

Reacting to the poll on Twitter, she said: “In July, when Sunak, Conservative MPs, and ministers orchestrated their first coup, we were 5 points behind in the polls had an 80 seat majority and @BorisJohnson was our PM.

“This poll doesn’t show us losing an election, it condemns us to extinction.”

In Scotland, the SNP continue to dominate despite losing six seats.

However, this could be down to a small sample size in Scotland, with results such as Labour winning seats in the Western Isles seeming unlikely.

Among those who voted Conservative in 2019, 67% disapprove of Liz Truss’s job performance as Prime Minister.

Her net approval rating with these voters stands at -55%, down 18 points since last Thursday’s poll.

Keir Starmer leads Liz Truss by 47 points when people were asked who would make a better Prime Minister.

So far, five Tory MPs have called for Liz Truss to step down from the top job.