The National:

SCOTTISH comedian Janey Godley has hit back at fuming Scottish Tories as the UK Government continues to crumble. 

With Liz Truss and former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng having sent the UK economy into such a state of disarray, new chancellor Jeremy Hunt was forced to issue an emergency statement

Earlier today, Conservative MSP Annie Wells posted on social media: “Today, as she launches her independence paper on the economy, Sturgeon will try to convince Scots how erecting barriers with our largest trading partner is, somehow, a good idea…

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“This article below brilliantly exposes how weak the SNP’s Indy case is.”

That tweet has come from a member of the same party who encouraged Holyrood to replicate the UK Government’s tax cuts before they were, rather awkwardly for the Scottish Tories, scrapped. 

Godley re-tweeted Wells’s post and simply said: “Are you watching the news right now?” 

The comedian had posted the same caption this morning in response to a Scottish Conservative Party Twitter post which said the First Minister was launching her new independence paper “at the worst possible time”. 

Godley wasn’t the only one to pick up on the irony of a Conservative criticising somebody for their approach to the economy. 

One user said the Conservatives had “plunged the UK economy into chaos” whilst another noted how “Brexit erected more and bigger barrier than independence will”. 

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Another added: “The irony there is absolutely overpowering”. 

You really would have thought that today of all days, the Tories might have taken a step back from fuming about independence given the damage that has been done to the UK economy. 

Then again, a hypocritical Conservative is hardly anything new is it?