THE iconic works of a Scottish artist renowned for showcasing The Hebrides is set to appear at an exclusive exhibition at one of Scotland’s leading contemporary art galleries. 

The Strathearn Gallery in Crieff will host famed landscape artist Ron Lawson’s new exclusive solo exhibition from October 22 to November 13. 

Perthshire-based Lawson, who grew up on a farm in Midlothian, spent more than three decades working at DC Thomson’s art studios. 

Since going full time in 2010, his work has been admired all over the world including in the US, Singapore and Hong Kong while he also opened the Ron Lawson West End Gallery in Dundee in 2019. 

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He hopes to soon have his very own cottage on South Uist which could serve as a sanctuary for further inspiration.

Lawson said he can’t see himself painting anything else, given his fascination with the islands.

The artist added: “As an absolute must, I always want to get there every spring time, April through to May, I always want to be in The Hebrides. So every single year, the minimum I spend is as a fortnight, the maximum can be right up to a couple of months, I really spend as much time as I possibly can.

“It’s now an ambition of mine, at some point, to be able to have a place of my own on South Uist. I speak to some locals and ask them ‘what’s it like going through the winter here’? It’s not always a rosy picture, but it doesn’t put me off. At some point, I’m going to get some kind of roots put down on South Uist. I kind’ve know it.

“That pull is what inspires me to keep painting. I can find no greater source of painting inspiration, and I love it. I just love every aspect of the place. Even when it's raining. I just love it."

Lawson’s work has earned him international recognition and has also helped promote the area as a tourist destination. 

The National: Ron Lawson at work in his studioRon Lawson at work in his studio (Image: Agency)

“The amount of Americans who buy my work is really quite incredible. And, you know, as most Americans do of course, they’ve all got some link with Scotland”, he explained. 

Lawson continued: "Just recently, I spoke to a group of American tourists at my gallery and they were thrilled. They were obviously here on holiday, but they actually made a point of coming to my gallery before going off exploring.

“Some of them have even gone to the trouble of actually coming over and visiting The Hebrides. There’s something about my paintings of the islands, they definitely do have a global appeal.”

His latest exhibition at the Strathearn Gallery will feature Lawson’s latest paintings of The Hebrides. 

Since opening in 1994, Perthshire’s Strathearn Gallery has built up a reputation for showcasing original work and helping to support Scottish artists.

The artist has felt an emotional connection to the islands from a young age. 

The 62-year-old describes his draw to the islands as “destiny”, with his artistic mission being to highlight the beauty of a more remote part of Scotland. 

“I’m very lucky that the stars have always aligned when it comes to painting”, he said. 

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Lawson continued: "I’ve never really excelled at anything else. I’ve been keen on hobbies and I’ve done things quite well. The only consistent thing that I’ve actually ever done in my life is painting. 

“The fact that I paint and I end up on those Hebridean islands, it was like it was some form of destiny that I just happened to be in the right place.

“To see something I was so interested in, something I was so passionate about, take off, it delights me to do it every single day as a job. It’s like the old cliche, it’s not really work. If you’re doing what you want to do, it’s hardly a hard job."

Owner Susan Bennett is excited for the gallery to host Lawson and a collection of his hugely popular works. 

The National: Ron Lawson first fell in love with the Hebrides when he visited the area as a childRon Lawson first fell in love with the Hebrides when he visited the area as a child (Image: Agency)

She said: "Having worked with Ron for previous exhibitions, we’ve developed a great connection with him and I know he now feels Strathearn Gallery is a home for his art and a place where he can really tell his story and share his journey, in particular his incredible connection with The Hebrides."

Many of Ron’s most popular paintings centre around striking white cottages, often isolated in a stunning landscape, surrounded only by sheep and the unique environment they find themselves in. 

The exhibition runs from 10am on October 22 to November 13 2022.