A SENIOR Tory MP has accused the UK Government of looking like “libertarian jihadists” and of “treating the whole country as laboratory mice”. 

It came as new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt was forced to reiterate on Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg that the Prime Minister was “in charge” amid multiple reports of challenges to her leadership.

Speaking to Sky News, Tory MP Robert Halfon said: “I worry that over the past few weeks, the government has looked like libertarian jihadists and treated the whole country as kind of laboratory mice in which to carry out ultra, ultra-free market experiments. 

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“This is not where the country is, there’s been one horror story after another. It’s not just about tax cuts for the rich, but about benefit cuts, cuts to public services.

“Even today we’re reading that they may impose charges on long-term sick and disabled for [people] who are parking at hospitals.”

Truss sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as chancellor this week and appointed Hunt as his replacement. 

Hunt said this morning that he would be asking every government department to make savings where possible. 

Halfon continued: “This is not what the public wants and I really believe that the Prime Minister given everything that has gone on needs to set out, do a far-sight chat to the British people, apologise for what has gone on and set out a vision for passionate Conservatism with social justice at its heart.”

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The MP was also quizzed on whether he felt Liz Truss should remain as Prime Minister with multiple reports that she could be ousted. 

Halfon said: “At this time, I’m not calling for the Prime Minister to go. I worry about further political instability, but even more economic instability. But thing have to improve. 

“Because if things don’t change, I just think that perhaps things may not be able to carry on in the way that they have been.”

No 10 has been contacted for comment.