GRASSROOTS independence activists have declared victory in the Supreme Court case whatever the outcome, saying the decision of judges cannot “block” Scotland’s choice.

The National asked grassroots Yes movements for their views on the Scottish Government’s legal challenge to test whether Holyrood can legally hold indyref2 without Westminster’s permission.

Activists have echoed the words of the First Minister, saying it is a “disgrace” relations between the Scottish Government and Westminster have got to the point of a court battle over the question of the constitution.

Alan Petrie, an organiser of the Aberdeen Independence Movement, said he hoped the Supreme Court, which heard arguments for and against allowing a referendum on Scotland’s future to go ahead next year, would “uphold democracy”.

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He added: “Imagine having to go to court to get a democratic vote in a democracy. This whole pitiful story shines a light on the reality of what the UK political union has become, a broken, outdated, undemocratic buurach [shambles].

“In reality, whatever the court case result is, we win. We hope the UK Supreme Court upholds democracy and we can get on with the job and campaign for October next year.

“But if we lose, we build a wide civic democracy movement, one that campaigns with every fibre and drop of energy we have and win in the next election.

“If the court finds in favour of the UK government, it is up to all independence-minded people to make our voices heard. There can be no block on Scotland's right to democracy.”

All Under One Banner called the Supreme Court a “false court of a foreign power” and claimed it had “no authority on this matter”. They said they did not expect the court to side with the Scottish Government and allow a vote next year.

In a statement, the organisation which organises mass marches for Yes, said: “Independence is our right to decide.

“The Scottish people are sovereign, and we have already legalised our referendum at the ballot boxes. The Supreme Court is an institution of the British state. It is intrinsically biased. We expect them to rule against the referendum, rule against democracy, to rule for tyranny.

The National:

“If they rule for the referendum then it doesn't make it any more legal than it already is - as supreme law in Scotland is the self-determination of the people.

“Independence is a national health emergency. We cannot afford to wait for a plebiscite General Election vote on independence when people are dying and suffering every day because of the deadly effects of the Union.

“We call for the Scottish Government, regardless of the Supreme Court ruling, to immediately use the mandates, exercise self-determination, and press ahead with our referendum which is to take place on October 19, 2023.

“International recognition will come when we show we mean business, and this is exactly why recognition begins at home.”

SNP MP Joanna Cherry, the party’s best legal mind, said as the case kicked off on Tuesday she was “cautiously optimistic” adding that top constitutional scholars found the outcomes of cases such as this difficult to predict.

Privately, others in the party are pessimistic of the outcome and expect they will need to turn to plan B – the strategy of fighting the next General Election as a "de-facto referendum" on the sole issue of independence.

The strategy remains vague at present, with SNP high command refusing to give further details on their plans to claim a mandate for independence if pro-Yes parties gain at least 51% of the popular vote in Scotland at the next poll.