AN ARTIFICIAL intelligence robot “designed to mimic a human” has made history after giving evidence to a committee in the House of Lords.

The Ai-Da Robot, which was created in 2019, gave evidence to peers at Westminster alongside its creator, Aidan Meller.

Meller said that Ai-Da had been “designed to mimic a human and explore the whole world of AI and robotics”.

The National: Ai-Da and its creator Aidan Meller giving evidence at WestminsterAi-Da and its creator Aidan Meller giving evidence at Westminster (Image: Lords TV)

“The more I read about the future and where we were going as a world the more I realised that this very very much needed discussion, debate about the nature of technology wasn’t really having enough air-time.”

Meller said he had seen his son make a small robot from Lego and that had proven a “real moment” that made him wonder if the technology could be allowed to speak for itself.

Ai-Da – named after 18th century mathematician and scientist Ada Lovelace – has already hit the headlines after creating paintings of the late Queen Elizabeth and the headliners of 2022’s Glastonbury festival.

It appeared in front of the Lords committee investigating “a creative future”.

Asked how it created art, and how that differed from humans, the robot said: “I produce my paintings by cameras in my eyes, my AI algorithms, and my robotic arm to paint on canvas, which results in visually appealing images.”

It added: “How this differs to humans is consciousness. I do not have subjective experiences, despite being able to talk about them.”