THE cost-of-living crisis is hitting everyone and at The National, we feel it should not create a barrier for anyone to be able to access to credible, up-to-date, and in-depth coverage from Scotland’s only pro-independenc newspaper.

We are now offering readers the chance to subscribe and pay-what-you-can-afford.

The National wants to ensure Scots have access to the news that matters during the UK’s cost of living crisis. You’ll also have access to subscriber-only analysis from the likes of Lesley Riddoch, Ruth Wishart, the Wee Ginger Dug and many more top voices.

SNP Representatives across Scotland have been reacting to the recently announced pay-what-you-can-afford subscription offer.

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SNP President Michael Russell said the latest offer is another example of how our publication thinks differently about Scotland. He added:

“The National is essential reading for those who are fed up with the stale, all the same, Unionist press. Getting the news from a normal Scottish National perspective - the news where we are and about who we are - plus comment from people who really believe in Scotland’s future is refreshing and always entertaining.

“It is a bargain which no one who cares about our country will ever regret.”

SNP MP for Glasgow Northeast Anne McLaughlin said:

“This is a great idea from The National. People are starting to cancel all non-essential payments but that includes the things that they really enjoy, like reading articles in their favourite newspaper. So, I'm glad the National is doing this and I hope some people will pay a bit extra in support of those who can only afford the minimum.”

The National:

Irvine West Councillor Chloe Robertson was pleased that the readership can continue to support a great news resource such as The National while paying very affordable prices. She added:

“This will make a difference in making news accessible during the cost-of-living crisis to every reader, not least the students and other young people, to access credible and good quality news!”

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SNP MSP for Banffshire and Buchan Coast Karen Adam said the inclusivity of the deal is worthy of applaud. Adam said:

“It’s so nice to see a mainstream media outlet so committed to being inclusive, particularly during the cost-of-living crisis.

“Introducing the ‘pay what you can afford’ option is brilliant, and I have to applaud the National for leading by example in accessibility.”

SNP Delegates are currently enjoying the final day in Aberdeen for the 88th Annual SNP Conference. We have had exclusive articles from SNP members who had resolutions on the agenda. Their reflections and all the information about the issue close to their heart are available for subscribers to access now.