A LABOUR MP has claimed that the “Scottish people deserve better than Nicola Sturgeon”. 

MP for Tooting Dr Rosena Allin-Khan made the comments during an interview with Sky News, where she was asked about Nicola Sturgeon’s comment that she “detests the Tories”

Allin-Khan was asked if she felt the same way and replied: “I don’t detest anybody. What I do think is we have an omnishambles of a government.”

The MP was pressed once again on the comment. She said: “It’s not wording that I would choose to use. 

“I think she should be focusing on her broken health services, on the attainment gap in Scotland, on the fact that there are more children now plunged into poverty than ever.

“I think she should be focusing her conference speech on that rather than using that sort of terminology and I think ultimately the Scottish people deserve better than Nicola Sturgeon.” 

The First Minister doubled down on her remark after being asked by a Channel 4 journalist about her comment. 

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She said: “I was referring to Tory policies and values that do a lot of damage.” Asked if she regretted her word choice, Sturgeon replied: “No.”

Last Friday, Sturgeon revealed that the Prime Minister had not contacted her at all since she took office over a month ago. 

The First Minister – who has seen four prime ministers throughout her time in the role – said it was “unprecedented” for such an amount of time to pass without the leader of the UK Government getting in touch.