THE Supreme Court will “fail the people of Scotland” if it does not allow for the Scottish Government to legislate for a second independence referendum.

SNP president Mike Russell addressed the party’s conference in Aberdeen on Sunday, where he discussed its plans ahead of the ruling.

The court will hear arguments this week after a referral from the Lord Advocate on a prospective Bill legislating for a referendum.

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The National:

Russell told delegates: “If the Supreme Court rules in our favour, then it will be on October 19 next year.

“And if the Supreme Court fails the people of Scotland, then we will rise to that challenge too, and put our case at the next general election, whenever that is.

“That’s a choice that has to be made if Scotland is to escape from the downward spiral of Tory and Labour governments exploiting but ignoring Scotland.”

Russell joined Angus Robertson on the main stage at the P&J Live to present a small update on Scottish independence.

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Robertson, the Constitution Secretary, used his half of the 15-minute section to direct members towards the previously published Scottish Government independence prospectus documents and make delegates aware that more, including one on the economy, are coming soon.

SNP president Russell, who also heads up the party’s Independence Unit, spoke to the hall about campaigning efforts.

He stressed the important of being informed, and encouraged members to "read and digest" campaigning materials from the party as well as groups like Believe in Scotland.

He also brushed off calls for more direction from the SNP, telling members: "Don't ask when the campaign is starting. We are the campaign.

"Don't ask for permission to do that," he advised.