NICOLA Sturgeon has revealed that the Prime Minister has not contacted her at all since taking office just over a month ago. 

The First Minister – who has seen four prime ministers in her tenure – said it was “unprecedented” to go so long without the leader of the UK government getting in touch and said none of the devolved leaders had been contacted by Liz Truss.

The Tory leader promised to “ignore” Sturgeon during the leadership race over the summer, calling the First Minister an “attention seeker”.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Sturgeon blasted Truss’s short time in office, which has seen the Prime Minister to the brink of a financial crisis because of her Chancellor’s reckless and now abandoned tax-slashing plans.

Sturgeon said: “She’s the fourth Prime Minister I’ve worked with since I’ve been First Minister. I’ve sought to have a constructive relationship with all of them, notwithstanding the very, very deep political differences that we have.

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“I will do the same with Liz Truss. I’ve not yet had a phone call with her which is actually unprecedented.

“I had early phone calls with all the other prime ministers in my time as First Minister and I hope that we will meet soon but the ball is in her court.

“I had a very quick exchange with her during some of the services for Her Majesty the Queen after her sad death.

“I will do my best to do my best to be constructive in that relationship.”

Responding to the suggestion Truss had faced a “tough time” during her month-old premiership, Sturgeon said she was “more concerned” for ordinary families facing the cost-of-living crisis.

She called Truss’s time in office “utterly catastrophic” and blamed the actions of the PM and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng for turmoil adding to economic chaos.

“The decisions that she and her Chancellor have taken sunk the pound, brought pension funds to the brink of collapse, have crashed the mortgage market, mortgages withdrawn from the market and put back at exorbitantly high rates,” she added.

“This has been absolutely devastating for mortgage payers, for people paying other debts, for those already struggling with the cost of living.

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“This Government, this UK Government is doing real and I fear lasting damage to the UK economy and to the very fabric of UK society.

“We’re now told there could be further austerity cuts coming and they can’t even give a commitment not to erode the income of those on benefits, in other words, those on the very lowest end of the income spectrum.

“It’s unconscionable and of course, nobody in the UK voted for this direction that Liz Truss is taking.

“But that’s particularly true in Scotland – we never vote Tory, we haven’t voted Tory in my lifetime and yet all of these policies – including if we go back a bit further, Brexit – are being imposed on us with great damage and that is why, as we saw in opinion polls yesterday, support for independence is rising.”