THE next chapter of campaigning has started.

After two referendums, multiple (some snap) elections, and countless by-elections, the independence movement now has a well-oiled campaigning machine at their fingertips.

The movement keeps stepping up. Branches and organisations run their own social media channels, co-ordinate across the country, provide press releases and rally in the name of independence.

So, we want to highlight a new dedicated space for you, the activists. The National Grassroots is launching to provide committed coverage of Yes groups across Scotland.

The National: -- (Image: -)

My name is Laura Pollock, and I have been brought on by The National for exactly this. My full-time job is reporting on the movement, and I want to get your stories out. I want to assist and support in making your actions more visible.

I will be focusing on making the Scottish independence campaign inescapable for the world and Westminster to address. I hope you'll join me.

Your direct link to us is live: – don't hesitate to reach out for a chat and to promote your area and activity.

The National has some great things coming for the movement to continue to thrive. We have a brilliant deal for the public to stay informed and up to date with news across Scotland so keep your eye out for that and encourage friends and other activists to sign up for the newsletter.

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