GREYHOUND racing should be banned in Scotland because it is “cruel” and risks the injury and death of dogs, the Scottish Greens have said.

MSPs will debate the future of the industry in Parliament on Thursday as the SNP’s coalition partners call for an outright end to dog racing in Scotland.

There are no active licenced tracks in Scotland with the last remaining site, Shawfield in Rutherglen, hosting no races since 2020.

A Holyrood committee looking at the subject earlier in the year heard that dogs were given cocaine and that some racers as old as 10 “seldom” see daylight.

Greens MSP Mark Ruskell, who is proposing the ban – which is backed by the SSPCA, the Dogs Trust and Blue Cross – said the sport had “no place in a modern Scotland”.

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He added: “Even on licensed tracks, the greyhounds are at risk of serious harm, injury and even death. The risks at unlicensed tracks may be even worse as there is far less oversight and far fewer obligations on the owners.

“The evidence is mounting across the UK of the need to tackle this exploitative industry. In Scotland, greyhound racing is on its last legs, with only one licensed track left. I am really pleased that my motion has received support from MSPs from all parties.

“The industry has shown that it is not capable of the serious reform that is needed. It's time for Scotland to take action by ending this brutal sport.”