AN award-winning press photographer has been taken out of the Tory conference by security just moments before the Prime Minister’s speech.

Tolga Akmen, a staff photographer at European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), was filmed being taken off the conference floor.

The clip, shared by Persephonica's Dino Sofos, showed Akmen being escorted out protesting that he was “not being aggressive”, while a security guard said: “You are being aggressive.”

Surrounded by guards, the photographer was told that if he did not go with security then the police would be called.

Financial Times reporter Robert Wright identified Akmen, and said he had sometimes worked with their paper.

According to Akmen’s website, he has also worked as a freelancer for The Sunday Times and Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Akmen and the Conservative Party have been approached for comment.

More to follow