LIZ Truss is already more unpopular than Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn ever were, according to a fresh YouGov poll.

Just 14% of the public now say they have a favourable impression of the Prime Minister, compared with 26% who said so between September 21 and 22.

Nearly three-quarters – 73% – now see the Prime Minister in an unfavourable light, including more than half – 55% – who see her very unfavourably.

That gives her a net favourability rating of -59, depths not hit by Johnson, who hit -53 in July, or former Labour leader Corbyn who plummeted to -55 in June 2019.

Truss is preparing to give a speech to the Tory conference on Wednesday morning after being forced to U-turn on abolishing the 45p top rate of income tax.

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She is also coming under increasing pressure to raise benefits in line with inflation, a commitment she has so far resisted. 

In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday, she said she was still in favour of cutting tax for the richest but is not contemplating the move right now.

It is understood the PM will use her speech to explain why she thinks "disruption" caused by her economic policies will be worth it.