SHADOW Chancellor Rachel Reeves has been heavily criticised for her response to a question about Suella Braverman's asylum policy plans.  

This comes as it was revealed that the Home Secretary plans to ban anyone who enters Britain illegally from claiming asylum. 

Braverman also told the Tory Party conference that it would be her “dream” to see an image of a plane taking asylum seekers to Rwanda on the front of the Daily Telegraph.  

Braverman’s plans have led to widespread condemnation and there have been warnings that the UK Government risks “breaking international law”. 

But when asked about the plans on Sky News, Reeves instead appeared concerned that the Government is not doing enough deporting already.

She said: “The Conservatives have been in government for 12 years now and illegal immigration is on the increase so this is a problem that’s been made under their watch. 

“They need to process claims faster, get people out of the country if they’ve got no right to be here and get a grip of their failed immigration system which is not working for British people and it’s not working for genuine asylum seekers either.”

Reeves was also asked if she welcomed Braverman’s plans to introduce legislation to make it easier to deport people. 

She said: “Well the problem is the Government are not deporting people today even when their claims have failed. 

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“What the Government need to do is get a grip of the system, process claims quicker, ensure that people have not got a right to be here are sent home, but that’s not happening today and that is 12 years of Tory failure.’ 

The shadow chancellor’s answers have led to widespread criticism on social media.

SNP MP John Nicolson said on Twitter: “‘The problem is the government are not deporting people’. So depressing to hear this from Labour

“The party still doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t appease racism.

“Labour should be standing up for those seeking sanctuary on our shores, not dog whistling for the tabloids.”

Professor Tanja Bueltmann said: “This is disturbing and wrong. But not surprising: ultimately, Labour supports the hostile environment and always has. That position is one reason why I support Scottish independence: within the Union, we will not be able to end the hostile environment.”

Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker also posted on social media, saying: “Crikey: they’re trying to outdo each other’s awfulness now.”

Another user suggested “you’d make a very good Tory Home Secretary” whilst another said they were “appalled” to see a Labour politician speaking in this manner. 

Journalist Owen Jones also re-tweeted the post and said: “Labour are going to win the next election by default, and then we are going to fight them when they do some terrible things.”