A WORD cloud has revealed the words the British public most commonly associate with the Prime Minister. 

Research conducted by J.L. Partners showed the word people thought of the most when asked about Liz Truss was “incompetent”.

The words said the most are bigger and bolder whilst those said less frequently by respondents are smaller. 

The poll asked 1619 people: “In a word, please give your view of Liz Truss."

The research does not make good reading for the Prime Minister as other common responses include “useless” and “untrustworthy”.

The Prime Minister and her Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng have been heavily criticised in recent weeks for their mini-budget announcement. 

This included scrapping the cap on bankers bonuses and abolishing the 45p tax rate for top earners, although the latter plan was abandoned in a dramatic U-turn

Almost every word in the cloud was negative with other common responses including “dangerous”, “clueless”, “awful” and “poor”. 

In September, similar research was conducted on the PM in “Red Wall” constituencies in England and Wales.

The same question was asked. 

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Whilst results then showed words associated with the PM included “useless”, “weak” and “untrustworthy”, the two most frequent answers were “determined” and “strong”. 

Co-founder of JL Partners James Johnson said on social media that a comparison of the two polls suggested the mini-budget announcement was “the major turning point in views of the PM”. 

Other words on the more recent research included “arrogant”, “negative”, “Thatcher”, “delusional” “bad”, “disaster” and “terrible”.