AFTER dazzling Northern Lights lit up parts of Scotland overnight on Sunday, another display is on the forecast for Monday night. 

The light display, known also as Aurora Borealis, was photographed in the north of Scotland, including in Kinloss in Moray. 

The green lights filled the skies above a field near the village and were captured by one lucky photographer. 

It came less than one week after one photographer captured stunning scenes of northern lights over the Kilsyth Hills in North Lanarkshire.

The National: Northern Lights in KinlossNorthern Lights in Kinloss (Image: Agency)

The National:

The Met Office has confirmed there is a chance the Aurora Borealis will once again be visible from Northern Scotland. 

However, stargazers will depend on clearings in cloud coverage overnight. 

The forecast reads: "There is the potential for enhanced auroral oval overnight on the 3rd and through the 4th, due to a mixture of fast solar winds alongside low confidence CME arrivals.

"Aurora has the potential to be visible from latitudes such as Northern Scotland given any cloud breaks."

The National: AgencyAgency (Image: Agency)

An analysis of the solar activity over the past 24 hours, which triggers the light displays, showed there had been a number of "strong and moderate" solar slares. 

Northern lights appear when there is activity on the sun.

Atoms and molecules from the earth's atmosphere collide with particles from the sun, resulting in northern lights.