FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has reacted to the news that Kwasi Kwarteng will abolish plans to scrap the 45p tax rate for top earners. 

The Chancellor announced the plans in a statement earlier this morning, saying that the 45p tax rate had become a “huge distraction from what was a very strong plan” to boost growth.

Both Liz Truss and Kwarteng had been under pressure to reverse the measure which was first announced in the mini budget. 

In a post on social media, Sturgeon said: “UK gov u-turns on top tax rate abolition because it’s a ‘distraction’. 

“Morally wrong and hugely costly for millions is a better description. Utter ineptitude.

“Perhaps those who slammed @scotgov for not immediately following suit should also be reflecting this morning…”

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has previously been slammed for demanding Holyrood replicate the tax cuts. 

Following the original announcement, the Moray MP said: “The UK Government has delivered tax cuts to turbo-charge our economy.”

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This was shared alongside a graphic which read: “Sturgeon must cut tax for 2.4 million Scots.”

“The SNP must match these bold plans”, he added, “and pass on the UK tax cuts to 2.4 million Scottish people.”

Estimates also revealed that, should the tax cuts have been replicated, it would have saved some Tory MSPs thousands on their bills.

SNP president Michael Russell reshared Ross's tweet following Monday's announcement, saying: "A tweet not even ten days old, confirming again that the Scottish Tories are about as relevant to our country as the flat earth society - and about as well informed too. #YouYesYet".