The National:

NOTHING seems to be going right for Liz Truss at the moment. 

Following a series of disastrous interviews earlier this week amid an economic crisis, the BBC feed on her interview with Laura Kuenssberg appeared to cut out immediately before starting this morning. 

Perhaps even the TV gods felt a show of mercy was in order to let people just enjoy their Sunday morning. 

Following the interview, host Kuenssberg said: “Just to say thanks for sticking [with] us during some technical issues with that interview, apologies for that.”

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No need to apologise really. 

In the space of a few minutes, the BBC's feed jumped from ousted former government minister Michael Gove giving his perspective to a black screen, a few seconds of BBC News intro music and then back to black.

When the PM did appear on screen - she was halfway through a sentence.  

The Jouker suspects there was an overwhelming sense of bliss for many in the few seconds they were spared of listening to how the Prime Minister “understands” how we are all worried about the soaring cost of living. 

The National: Kuenssberg's interview with Truss was beset with technical issuesKuenssberg's interview with Truss was beset with technical issues (Image: BBC)

As always, many took to Twitter to react to the technical glitch. One user said: “Liz Truss on #BBCLauraK and the feed keeps going off air she’s even managed to break the BBC now.”

Another added: “The BBC losing the feed on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, Kwarteng’s probably there frantically pulling the plug! #LauraK.”

If only somebody would pull the plug on this Tory government altogether, then everybody might be a lot better off. 

Another Twitter user said: “At least watching in Brussels, the BBC feed has died. Assuming Liz Truss’s media handlers are crawling around behind the control panel yanking out cables.”

One person commented that "even the BBC had enough of Truss" whilst another said "is @joelycett" playing with the cable to the BBC live feed?" in reference to the comedian's sarcastic rant about the Prime Minister a few weeks ago.