HOUSEHOLDS are being advised to make sure they submit a meter reading to their energy firm in order to avoid paying more than they need when prices rise on October 1. 

Energy prices are set to rise by around 25% for gas and electricity from Saturday, with an average UK household expected to pay around £2500 a year. 

The price cap had been due to rise to over £3500 a year before Prime Minister Liz Truss announced an Energy Price Guarantee. 

The UK Government says the average household will save “at least” £1000 a year. 

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However, the average bill will still rise by over 25% when compared to the previous price cap of £1971, which is regulated by Ofgem. 

Chief executive of Energy Action Scotland Frazer Scott warned of the impact in rising costs and urged people to make sure they submitted meter readings. 

He said: “This week, every household across the UK must make sure it submits a meter reading to their energy firm to avoid paying a penny more than they absolutely have to when prices go up on October 1. 

“Fuel poverty is at record levels, levels of energy efficiency improvements are simply too low to provide respite and financial support is just a sticking plaster on the deepest of wounds. 

“As unit costs for electricity and gas push bills higher still in October, communities will suffer and take years to recover.

“Meanwhile the impact of fuel poverty will be felt on the NHS and social care system and lives will be needlessly lost.”

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Energy spokesman at Ben Gallizzi underlined the importance of keeping on top of home energy consumption. 

He said: “Energy bills are still due to rise in October despite the Government support and we know that many people are feeling anxious about the winter ahead. 

“Keeping on top of your home energy consumption will be especially important during the coldest months when the heating comes on.”