KEIR Starmer’s claim that a Labour government would help Scotland “shape its own future” has been rubbished by the Scottish Greens.

The Labour leader is set to address party members in Liverpool on Tuesday when he will set out his ambitions for the future.

Speaking in his keynote speech to the conference, Starmer is expected to tell members that only his party can deliver change on issues such as the cost-of-living crisis.

He is expected to say: “Scotland needs a Labour government that can deliver change.

“But it also needs the power and resources to shape its own future, whoever’s in power in Westminster.

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“And the SNP are not interested in this. For them, Scotland’s success in the UK is met with gritted teeth, seen as a roadblock to independence. And so they stand in the way.”

He will add: “Labour will deliver change. You will never get that from the Tories. And you won’t get it from the SNP either.

“The challenges we face: the cost-of-living crisis, climate change, standing up to Putin; are common across our four nations.

“We saw off the threat of fascism and deadly disease, together. We built the NHS and the welfare state, together.

“But I don’t believe in our Union just because of our history. I believe in it because of our future.

“I know we can meet the great challenges to come. Build new beacons of fairness that light up the islands we share.”

However, his comments have been slammed by Scottish Green MSP Lorna Slater who has said Scotland needs “real and fundamental change” that goes beyond what Labour is prepared to offer.

She added: “Labour is not a party of change. On so many of the big issues they are only offering an echo of the Tories. They wouldn't allow Scotland to re-join Europe or remove the nuclear weapons from our shores. They aren't even prepared to change the broken electoral system."

Slater went on to say that policy decisions on the cost-of-living crisis, Brexit, the environment and refugees showed that “Westminster isn’t working”.

She continued: “All of these disastrous choices are being made by a government that Scotland has rejected time and again, but Labour isn't offering the powers to undo any of them.

"Scotland can be as a fairer, greener and independent country that works for people and the planet. That is a much better future than one of constantly being held back by the limitations of devolution or being ruled by cruel and unaccountable Tory governments that we can't remove.”

Meanwhile, Starmer’s comments come as the Labour leader reiterated his refusal to work with the SNP to form a government – even if it means his party have to form a minority government.

The two parties clash on the issue of holding a second referendum on Scottish independence.

He is expected to address the issue in his keynote speech.

He will say: “We can’t work with them, we won’t work with them. No deal under any circumstances.”