CHANCELLOR Kwasi Kwarteng repeatedly refused to comment on the collapse of the pound in an excruciating clip.

The Tory MP was quizzed by a BBC journalist as he made his way to the Treasury offices in London on Monday, following a record fall of the pound against the US dollar.

The SNP has warned that this will only "exacerbate" the current cost of living crisis, while a top economist likened the Tory party to a "doomsday cult".

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While the country reeled from the news, Kwarteng remained tight-lipped when one BBC journalist attempted to doorstep him.

The footage begins with Kwarteng and a number of aides leaving UK Government offices in London, with the journalist asking: "What are you going to do about the turmoil in the markets this morning?"

Kwarteng can be seen raising his hand between himself in the journalist and adding: "I'm not going to make any comment now, thank you."

The reporter continues: "What about the City? What conversations are you having with the Bank of England sir?"

The Chancellor appears to fiddle with his cufflinks, smiles at the camera and continues to walk in silence. 

In fact for an excruciating 30 seconds, Kwarteng remains silent while he's asked about the economic chaos caused by his "mini-budget". 

The journalist continued: "Do you have anything to say about what's going on sir? Are you planning to reverse the announcement you made last Friday?"

As Kwarteng walks on, an aide appears to try and wedge himself between the Chancellor and the reporter. 

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"What do you have to say about what's been going on sir?" the journalist asked, his sixth question to Kwarteng.

The Chancellor replied: "I'm just going to my office now."

The 46-second clip ends with the journalist and Kwarteng thanking each other. 

Kwarteng's economic plans have been heavily criticised, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon dubbing them a "catastrophic disaster".