The National:

Have you ever seen the film Men in Black? The Jouker has, and it seems the Tories have got a hold of the neuralyzer – a device used to wipe people’s memories. 

Speaking on Sky News on Tuesday, Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan was keen to dodge her party’s own record over the last 12 years. 

She said they were a government which “had only been in post for two weeks with this new Prime Minister”. 

The Tories may have seemingly wiped their own memories, but The Jouker remembers the damage done by Liz Truss’s predecessors.

When Boris Johnson finally decided enough was enough, he left the UK in the depths of a cost-of-living crisis before jetting off on two holidays and refusing to announce any more support. 

It’s a situation his successor is yet to fully inspire confidence that she can rectify, given her consistent refusal to impose a windfall tax on energy companies. 

Oh, and how could we forget that Theresa May once urged Scots to stick with the “globally admired” UK.  

Things have changed there though right? Liz Truss has shown nothing but respect to Nicola Sturgeon and the people of Scotland. It's not as though she referred to Scotland's leader as an "attention seeker" or has ruled out granting a second independence referendum. 

The Cabinet and its make-up may have changed, but its the same old policy forming the foundations of government. 

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Twitter users were quick to point out the flaws in Donelan’s comments. One said: “You changed your leader – that’s all. If you want to be a new government – call a General Election.”

Another added: “This government has been in power since the 2019 snap GE, and the snap 2017 one before that, and the 2015 one before that, and the 2010 one before that…”

A device used to wipe people's memories may be confined to the realm of science fiction. 

If only the same could be said for the last 12 years of Conservative rule.