SHETLAND star Douglas Henshall has provoked backlash by implying the Queen isn’t in her coffin whilst lying in state in a social media post on Friday.

The Glasgow-born actor, 56, who recently quit his role as DI Jimmy Perez in the Shetland series, asked his 94,000 followers: “Do you think the Queue would be so long if people knew that the Queen isn’t in that coffin? Or do they know and it’s just symbolic?”

The tweet has over 1,000 replies, many criticizing the actor for his scepticism and pushing conspiracy theories, whilst others agree it could be likely due to security reasons. Others asked the actor to back up his tweet with evidence.


Author and screenwriter Emma Kennedy questioned: “She’s not in the coffin?”

Henshall replied: “I don’t know obviously, but I can’t imagine she would be purely on the grounds of security if nothing else.”

One reply also stated: “It’s symbolic and if it gives people comfort then so be it.”

The actor replied: “I agree. I’m just wondering about the psychology of all of this.”

Henshall also drew criticism on Saturday when he shared a tweet described as “inflammatory” after Celtic beat Rangers 4-0 at Parkhead. The actor had tweeted: "It's always a good day when the H*ns get humped. Lol."

He has since issued an apology.