THE CONSERVATIVE Party conference in Birmingham is going to be a target of train strikes at the beginning of October, amid further dispute over pay.

The industrial action will take place on October 1–5, whilst Tory members head to Birmingham from October 2-5. The strikes will disrupt travel for thousands of party members on their way to witness Liz Truss’s first conference as leader.

The strike action from train drivers, which involves 12 rail companies, was previously planned for September 15 but was called off due to the death of the Queen.

The RMT and TSSA unions also suspended planned railway strikes on September 15 and 17 and these are also expected to resume.

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Following the announcement, LNER has suspended ticket bookings for these dates until confirmation of plans and services are final.

The drivers’ union Aslef have stated they will not be making a public comment until after the Queen’s funeral on Monday 19.

Liz Truss pledged during her campaign to introduce new restrictions on trade unions in the wake of the summer of strikes, which the Trade Union’ Congress described as an “attack on fundamental British liberty”.