THE Met Police have arrested 34 people as part of the operation leading up to the Queen's funeral, it has been revealed.

The force's Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stuart Cundy said the number (which includes all arrests made up to Friday morning) was "relatively few" - and said none were for protesting.

Scotland Yard has not yet been able to provide a breakdown of the offences involved.

Cundy told journalists on Friday that the massive policing operation is the biggest in the force’s history, surpassing the 2012 Olympics.

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He said: “This will be the largest single policing event that the Met Police has ever undertaken.

“As a single event this is larger than the 2012 Olympics, it is larger than the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

“The range of officers, police staff and all those supporting the operation is truly immense.”

The news comes as a protest against the monarchy is due to take place on Friday during King Charles III’s first visit to Wales since ascending the throne.

The silent demonstration will begin from 1pm at Cardiff Castle, organisers have said.

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Those attending the rally are expected to stand and hold signs with slogans such as “Why a Monarchy?” and “Real democracy now”.

Campaigners say they want the Welsh public to consider whether a future without the monarchy is possible.

They have called on the Welsh government and Cardiff Council to ask South Wales Police to respect their democratic right to protest, following the arrests and threats of action against people holding signs saying "Not my King" in other cities.