LABOUR MPs have been banned from publicly speaking about the cost-of-living crisis, the war in Ukraine and other pressing issues during the period of national mourning, it has been claimed.

Owen Jones, a journalist and columnist, shared screenshots of emails he said were from Labour high command, warning MPs against making statements not relating to the death of the Queen.

MPs have been told not to make posts on social media “expect [sic] your own tribute or what you have been asked to share from the [Parliamentary Labour Party] Office”, according to the emails.

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Jones, who has links with left-wing Labour MPs, shared the screenshots on Twitter on Tuesday, and said Keir Starmer’s office had issued the guidance to all of the party’s politicians in Westminster.

The guidance also states MPs should not speak with “any media, except for your own tribute to local outlets”.

A fuller list of guidance advises MPs to stick to a “sombre” dress code, sign their local book of condolences and to cancel planned events on the day of the state funeral for the Queen.

MPs are additionally advised, according to the screenshots, to suspend campaigning “until further notice” but to continue helping constituents and holding advice surgeries “as normal”.

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Some appear to have ignored the advice, such as Streatham MP Bell Ribeiro-Addy, who has posted on her Twitter page about the death of Chris Kaba.

Diane Abbott, a former Labour frontbencher under Jeremy Corbyn and fierce Starmer critic, has also tweeted recently about issues not related to the monarchy.

All parties with elected representatives in Westminster – other than abstentionist Sinn Fein MPs – have suspended campaigning for the period of national mourning.

The House of Commons remains closed for the same time and will reopen following the state funeral of the Queen.

The National has approached the Labour Party for comment.