CONCERNS have been raised as investigations into alleged misconduct by MPs and parliamentary staff have been halted following the Queen’s death.

The Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS), which was established in the wake of Westminster's 2018 bullying scandal, has informed alleged victims that its investigations have been “paused”.

Meanwhile, standards commissioner Kathryn Stone, who is in charge of the MPs’ code of conduct, has said her team’s work has been “suspended to observe the period of national mourning”.

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The ICGS’s decision to halt its investigations has been slated by the GMB union, warning it could “prolong a process that many staff already find to be excessively difficult and lengthy”.

As reported by The Independent, Jenny Symmons, the chair of the GMB branch for MP’s staff, said: “We’ve expressed our disappointment to the director of the ICGS in pausing their investigations.

“MPs’ staff will continue to work during the mourning period and serving constituents, so we believe their bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct cases should be progressed by the ICGS in the same way.”

With the Queen’s funeral set to take place on Monday, there is likely to be a delay of at least a week until the national mourning period is over.

And Parliament is not expected to sit again until next Wednesday, while regular parliamentary business could take longer to get back to normal.

Director of the ICGS, Jo Willows, did not offer a reason behind the move to pause the investigations, informing alleged victims: “I shall let you know when investigations will resume.”

Willows instructed anyone in urgent need of support to contact a helpline and her office’s casework and inclusion officer.

The ICGS had been investigating an alleged groping of two men by Chris Pincher, the former deputy chief whip – the scandal which sparked Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Alongside the standards commissioner, the ICGS also has ongoing inquiries into David Warburton, the Tory MP who was suspended over alleged sexual harassment and use of cocaine.

Stone has been investigating whether Warburton breached the MPs’ code of conduct by breaking rules over declaration of “gifts, benefits and hospitality”, paid advocacy and failure to declare an interest.

Three other ongoing inquiries are listed on Stone’s website, which relate to Tory MPs Crispin Blunt, Andrew Bridgen and Labour MP Ian Byrne.

Downing Street has said that government business is expected to return “more to normal” following the Queen’s funeral on Monday.