PATRICK Harvie told King Charles III that life isn't "rooted in status or title" during a motion of condolence for the Queen in the Scottish Parliament.

The Scottish Greens co-leader has come under fire for the statement from Unionist accounts on Twitter who called the speech an "embarrassment", while others praised him for "speaking truth to power". 

It comes after numerous anti-monarchy protesters have been arrested for voicing their views at events in Edinburgh, Oxford and London.

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On Monday night, after the Queen's coffin passed the Scottish Parliament to lie in state at St Giles' Cathedral in the capital overnight, MSPs returned to the Holyrood chamber to pay their condolences to the late monarch.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon led the motion, but it was Harvie's remarks which prompted the most reaction on social media.

He told the chamber: "The experience of loss is universal. It comes into all of our lives. It's a reminder that the reality of human life is not rooted in status or in title but in the connections we make.

"Bonds of love and friendship, of family and of service to one another. People of all views can respect this, whatever else we may disagree about.

"So, in this moment, as we mark the death of the Queen, I offer my party's sincere condolences to her son, to all of his family, and to all those whose lives she touched. For many people, a monarch stands as a symbol of the country."

The MSP added that the Queen's passing was "more than one of personal loss" for many with whom his party "stands with in their grief".

He added that it was also time to reflect on the change the late monarch had witnessed during her 70-year reign.

Harvie said: "When Princess Elizabeth of York became Queen Elizabeth the Second, the UK was still early in its recovering from a brutal world war and had begun laying the foundations of something extraordinary - a welfare state and a national health service to tackle the giant evils of the age.  

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"Nearly three decades of declining inequality followed.

"At the last coronation, the oath still referred to other countries as the possessions of an empire. And here at home human rights and equality were distant ideas, with racist discrimination remaining legal, and people treated as criminals and outcasts because of their sexuality."

Though this change should be celebrated, it must continue to be defended, Harvie added.

"There are those for whom the long reign of Elizabeth the Second, and indeed the institution of monarchy represent continuity, stability, permanence, but in truth, the tide of progress cannot be faulted," he said.

The National: Charles III visited the Scottish Parliament for a motion of condolence on MondayCharles III visited the Scottish Parliament for a motion of condolence on Monday (Image: PA)

"It feels slow as we let it go by day, but in time, it is dramatic. So, presiding officer as Charles III begins his reign, let us hope, indeed redouble our determination that he will have the opportunity to witness change just as transformational and more."

The speech divided responses on social media, with many accounts featuring Union Flag emojis in their usernames attacking Harvie.

Baskerville Clegg said: "Patrick Harvie is what you find when you scrape the bottom of the barrel."

Robster SNP are not Scotland, added: "Patrick Harvie is a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to all Scots. Pass it on!!"

While Agent P, a notorious unionist account, said: "Whatever anyone thinks of the Monarchy, to address someone who has just lost his mother the way that Harvie did, was utterly disgusting."

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Meanwhile, pollster Mark McGeoghegan wrote: "People tweeting about wanting to bring back the death penalty, or to abolish Holyrood, because Patrick Harvie spoke truth to power need to get a grip. Absolute hysteria."

Kenneth Macrae added: "Patrick Harvie just gave the best speech from any political leader since the Queen passed. The best speech in the presence of the King. Respectful but making his point."

While pro-independence political podcast Ungagged wrote: "Absolutely superb, @patrickharvie. You spoke for many of us incredulous of the dreadful North Korean/medieval nonsense gripping our media that has ensured our country's Government is unscrutinised during a time of crisis, yet again."