LIZ Truss is reportedly trying to block Scotland's plans to allow self-ID for transgender people and has asked lawyers for advice on how to "pause or prevent" the reforms.

An investigation by Vice News discovered the new UK Prime Minister's plans after a number of government whistleblowers shared their concerns.

Truss, who held the equalities brief alongside her previous role as foreign secretary, was instrumental in ruling out self-ID in England and kept medical checks in place during the process to acquire a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

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In Scotland, the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) is due to make its way through Holyrood after being introduced during the last parliamentary term and would remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria from the criteria to legally change gender.

Truss is reportedly "worried" that trans people in other parts of the UK will travel to Scotland to obtain a GRC.

There are numerous other reforms which are also included in the bill, and earlier this week LGBT activists called on the Scottish Government to be "bolder" in reforms as they have the support of four out of five of the Scottish Parliament's main parties (excluding the Tories).

Two whistleblowers, speaking on condition of anonymity, have now told Vice News that Truss, who replaced Boris Johnson in the top job on Tuesday, is attempting to intervene and shut down the reforms.

Truss, left, has reportedly sought legal advice to intervene in Scotland's gender reform plansLGBT activists marched on the Scottish Parliament on its first day of return after summer recess this week

One whistleblower said: “She has asked for legal teams to look into how to ‘pause or prevent’ the Scotland Gender Recognition Act Bill, as a priority. I would not be surprised if Truss successfully stops it.”

While another told the news website: “Truss is worried that trans people from England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be able to travel to Scotland to get legal gender recognition, then head back to where they actually live.

"She is furious about what Scotland pushing ahead with this plan could do to women’s rights in the rest of the UK, but she is concerned for Scotland too.”

A Government Equality Hub spokesperson, after being confronted with the testimony from both whistleblowers, admitted that legal advice had been sought. They said: "The government is working with Scottish counterparts and other stakeholders to explore the considerations of the Bill and any implications for England and Wales.

"Part of this involves seeking legal advice on the potential impacts of the Scottish Bill on the rights of residents of the rest of the United Kingdom. We will continue to closely monitor the progress of the Bill, analysing its implications where necessary."

A UK Government spokesperson told The National that the claims were "making a meal out of some routine background work" but did not respond to our query as to how Truss intends to intervene in a devolved area. 

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John Nicolson, the SNP's shadow culture secretary, said that the legislation to reform the GRA will be passed by the Scottish Government.

"It enjoys wide-spread support across parties and the support of the vast majority of women's groups across the country," he said.

Nicolson added: “Liz Truss should focus on cleaning up the mess that her chaotic government has created at Westminster, rather than trying to interfere with progressive Scottish Government business over which she has no remit.”

Truss, left, has reportedly sought legal advice to intervene in Scotland's gender reform plansThe news emerged after Truss held her first PMQs

Colin Macfarlane, director of Stonewall Scotland, said that the Scottish Government was following "international best practice" with the proposed legislation, adding that the de-medicalised approach is in line with more than 30 countries across the globe - including Ireland.

He added: "The SNP, Greens, Scottish Labour and Liberal Democrats all made manifesto commitments for reform to legal gender rules. The Bill is already proceeding through the Scottish Parliament where it will be subject to democratic scrutiny.

"The Scottish Parliament has both the legal competence and the democratic mandate to legislate on these proposals and polls show the majority of Scottish people support this reform.’’

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Maggie Champman, Scottish Greens MSPs, said: "These claims are very concerning. Any attempt to block the Scottish Parliament's progress is not just an attack on our democracy, it is an attack on the rights of our LGBTQ+ community. 

"Trans rights are human rights. We will always stand with our trans siblings, particularly when they are under fire from a cynical and reactionary campaign of disinformation like the one that the Tories have been at the forefront of.

"With Greens in government, we will pass the Gender Recognition Reform Bill and transform gender identity services."

The Scottish Government declined to comment.