AN SNP MP was rapped for referring to Boris Johnson as “corrupt” during Liz Truss’s first Prime Minster’s Questions.

Hannah Bardell drew the ire of Speaker Lindsay Hoyle after she made the comment about the former prime minister in an attack on Truss’s rumoured energy bills plans.

Bardell challenged the Prime Minister on her “flip-flopping on Brexit” and her “inability to understand global affairs”, questioning how Truss could be trusted to take action on the crisis facing the UK.

“How can constituents like mine… have any faith she can tackle the oncoming humanitarian crisis,” she said.

“Is she going to come out of her den in No. 10 and take real action or is she going to be as useless and corrupt as her predecessor, who has rocketed off to somewhere in the Pacific?”

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This was a reference to Johnson’s bizarre farewell speech on Tuesday where he compared himself to a “booster rocket” that had achieved its mission and would land in an “obscure” part of the ocean.

Truss said she was “determined” to tackle the energy bills crisis and said the Scottish Government should be “playing their part” by allowing new nuclear plants.

Hoyle intervened after the Prime Minister’s answer, addressing Bardell directly.

He said: “I want a nicer Parliament and that was not a good example.

“I certainly don’t want ‘corrupt’ being used against the new Prime Minister and I’m sure [Bardell] will withdraw it.”

Bardell swiped back, saying that “sometimes the truth hurts” while agreeing to withdraw the comment.