IN his farewell speech as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that those trying to break up the Union "will never, ever succeed". 

The outgoing PM was speaking outside Downing Street for the final time on Tuesday morning ahead of his resignation. 

He was greeted by applause from various MPs outside No 10, including some of his most loyal supporters such as Nadine Dorries, who is expected to resign as Culture Secretary.

In an apparent dig at First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has pledged to hold an independence referendum in 2023, Johnson said that "we are one whole and entire United Kingdom".

He claimed the "Union is so strong that those that want to break it up will keep trying, but they will never, ever succeed", despite around half of Scots supporting leaving the Union according to recent polling.

As expected, Johnson proceeded to reel of a list of everything he has done whilst in office including pushing through Brexit, rolling out the vaccine and sending weapons to Ukraine. 

He will now head to Balmoral where he will officially resign to the Queen. 

On the cost of living, Johnson said that despite the “naysayers”, the new government would get people through the ongoing cost of living crisis. 

Johnson said he knew the “compassionate Conservative government” would get people through the crisis. 

He also spoke about Putin and said that the Russian president was “utterly deluded” to think he could blackmail or bully the British people.

The outgoing PM added that unemployment is "down to levels not seen since I was about 10 years old and bouncing around on a space hopper".  

He described himself as being like "one of those booster rockets" that has "fulfilled its function". 

More to follow.