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ANYONE worried things wouldn’t be lively on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg this morning obviously weren’t expecting comedian Joe Lycett’s sarcastic response to Liz Truss’s interview. 

Lycett appeared alongside No 10 staffer Cleo Watson and Labour’s Emily Thornberry and watched on as Kuenssberg grilled Truss on a range of topics including how she was going to tackle the ongoing energy crisis.  

Once the interview ended, the comedian could be clearly heard shouting: “You smashed it, Liz!”

Afterwards, Kuenssberg asked him his thoughts on how Truss did. He said: “You (Kuenssberg) said earlier I’m not left or right, I know there’s been criticism in the Mail on Sunday today about lefty, liberal, wokey comedians on the BBC

“I’m actually very right-wing and I loved it, I thought she was very clear. She gave great, clear answers.” 

The frontrunner in the race for No 10 appeared on the BBC’s new flagship political programme where she refused to set out the specifics of how she would help people with soaring energy costs. 

This was despite the favourite to become the next prime minister saying she would act “within one week”. 

Prior to appearing on the programme, Lycett put out a tweet in which he said he was “really excited to be on this new version of Would I Lie To You”. 

When Kuenssberg said to Lycett that this was a serious matter, he replied: “I’m not being sarcastic. She was very clear in what she said. 

“You know exactly what’s going to happen. You’re reassured, I’m reassured.”

The comedian then turned to Thornberry and asked, “are you reassured” to which the Labour MP sarcastically replied, “so reassured”. 

Lycett continued: “I think, you know, the haters will say we’ve had 12 years of the Tories and we’re sort of at the dregs of what they’ve got available and that Liz Truss is sort of like the backwash of the available MPs. 

“I wouldn’t say that because I’m incredibly right-wing but some people might say that.”

Thornberry in particular looked as though she was struggling to contain laughter during Lycett’s sarcastic comments. 

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The host then asked the comedian about the consensus in politics being wrong and we don’t know what is going to happen. 

Lycett added: “As Liz said there, she said it would be wrong to predict the future even though loads of people have predicted that we’re going to have real issues with paying our energy bills but I think she’s right to just then basically say ‘let’s not predict and see what happens next week.’”

“I think she did the right thing there,” Lycett added with a wry smile. 

People have been loving Lycett's response to the interview. One Twitter user said: "In a single morning @joelycett has blown the lid off a failed format. 

"Stifled, predictable dialogue doesn't reassure people who are living through catastrophe.

"Joe Lycett has performed a public service, quite frankly."

Another said: "People asking why Joe Lycett was allowed on a serious political programme apparently didn't mind when Boris Johnson was appointed to a serious great office of state."

Fellow comedian Rosie Jones said: "This is truly outstanding, and really cements how comedians can cut through the bu****it. 

"I am biased but more comedians on political shows please.

"@joelycett you're my hero."