MARTIN Compton has opened up about a health issue he has been battling but refuses to seek treatment for. 

The Line of Duty star revealed that a recent eye test has shown he has astigmatism, an imperfection in the eye which causes blurred vision.

Compston, 38, admitted he can't read road signs while driving or subtitles when watching television.

However, the Greenock-born actor is reluctant to get glasses as he feels it would make him middle-aged.

Speaking on his Restless Natives podcast with Gordon Smart, he said: "The eye test didn't go well, it's pretty heartbreaking.

"I kind of knew that I needed them but I feel that when I start using them I'll rely on them so I've been putting it off.

"If I'm on the motorway I can't read road signs but I can see a truck coming towards me and you have got sat navs now so you don't even need that."

Compston also explained that his wife Tianna Chanel Flynn has pressed him to sort the issue, but he is still reluctant. 

He added: "Where it really bothers me is I can't read subtitles on TV, that really struggles me but I can't wear glasses.

"The missus has been on at me for a long, long time about it. It's that kind of thing where you start to admit to middle age."