BORIS Johnson could be heading to Scotland this week as part of a farewell tour where he is expected to defend his record in Government, The National can reveal.

It is understood officials are currently finalising his diary for the next week, which will be his last in office.

The outgoing Prime Minister kicked off his valedictory trip in Dorset today, where he appeared alongside die-hard ally Nadine Dorries.

Johnson is expected to make further trips across the UK before his successor is crowned in an attempt to salvage his reputation by trumpeting the achievements of his time in office. 

The National: Johnson holding crabs in Stromness Harbour in 2020/PA Media Johnson holding crabs in Stromness Harbour in 2020/PA Media

Former Tory MP Rory Stewart, a prominent critic of Johnson’s, revealed earlier this week he fears Johnson could be planning a Donald Trump-style return to leadership after being ousted.  

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Asked on Tuesday if the Prime Minister would come to Scotland as part of the tour, Johnson's spokesman said: “Maybe. Final diary [is] not sorted yet.”

Downing Street said there were currently no plans currently “confirmed” to visit Scotland.

Asked by reporters in Dorset on Tuesday whether he would rule out a comeback, Johnson replied: "I think on the whole people in this country are more interested in their gigabit broadband than they are in the fate of this or that politician.”

He declined to give his time an office a rating out of 10. 

The Prime Minister’s last trip to Scotland came after the publication of the damning Sue Gray report which found “serious failure” by Johnson’s inner circle to meet the “high standards” expected of officials during the Covid crisis.

Johnson’s resignation was triggered after he was found to have promoted Chris Pincher, an ex-Tory MP who has been suspended from the party, despite being aware of previous allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

He is also being investigated by a committee of MPs who are aiming to find out whether he lied to Parliament over lockdown rule-breaking in the corridors of power as the pandemic ravaged the country.

Earlier this year, Johnson became the first prime minister to be found to have broken the law in office when he was fined by the Met for an illegal party during lockdown in 2020.

Johnson took two holidays in August, one to Slovenia and another to Greece, leading to accusations he was "missing in action" as the country struggles to cope with the mounting cost-of-living crisis.