A GLASGOW-based charity has launched an emergency appeal to support victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan.

The Sarwar Foundation is looking for donations to respond to the crisis brought on by heavy rain that recently swept across Pakistan - killing more than 1000 people and destroying at least 700,000 homes.

Although rains stopped three days ago, large areas remain underwater with the government estimating £8.5 billion in damage to the economy.

To help displaced families, the charity is looking to provide 100,000 ration packs with efforts already underway to provide aid to the 33 million people affected.

The floods have destroyed at least 700,000 homes across PakistanLarge areas remain underwater despite the rains stopping three days ago

Rescue teams are struggling to reach cut-off communities, with provinces like Sindh and Balochistan the worst affected.

The charity, which is working alongside the Punjab Development Network, is appealing to the public for donations, with a contribution of £30 feeding a family of six for a whole month.

The Sarwar Foundation was founded by Mohammad Sarwar, Britain’s first Muslim MP and father of Anas Sarwar, leader of Scottish Labour.

The floods have destroyed at least 700,000 homes across PakistanThe floods that have affected more than 33 million people, or one in seven Pakistanis

He said: “Humanitarian aid is urgently needed in Pakistan, where hundreds of people have tragically lost their lives and thousands more are struggling to survive.

“Our target is to provide 100,000 ration packs to displaced families, and a donation of just £30 will enable us to feed a household for a month.

“The people of Glasgow and Scotland have shown immense kindness to the people of Pakistan in the past, and we appeal to anyone who can help us respond to this emergency to make a donation.”

Donations can be made here

The floods have destroyed at least 700,000 homes across PakistanThe Pakistani government estimates there has been £8.5 billion in damage to the economy

Meanwhile, SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart has appealed to the Scottish Government to offer assistance to Pakistan.

Commenting on Twitter, she wrote: “The news of climate catastrophe from Pakistan is devastating. So many lives, homes and livelihoods swept away in extreme flooding - 'Monsoon on steroids' according to António Guterres. I am asking the Scottish Government what we can do to help. #ClimateEmergencyNow”