BORIS Johnson could try to force his way back into office, a former Conservative Cabinet minister has predicted.

Rory Stewart, who ran against Johnson for the Tory leadership in 2019, likened the outgoing Prime Minister to former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi and ex-US president Donald Trump, who are plotting comebacks.

The former international development minister told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I’m afraid he has an extraordinary ego and he believes that he was badly treated.

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“He doesn’t see the reality which is that he was a terrible Prime Minister and that he lost his job because of deep flaws of character.

“And yes I fear we’re going to end up with a second Berlusconi or a second Trump trying to rock back in again.”

Johnson was ousted by his own MPs after a slew of scandals, with his response to the allegations of groping levied at Tory MP Chris Pincher the final straw. 

He is set to be replaced at No 10 by Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak next week after a long summer of Tory leadership hustings.

The National: Johnson has been visiting Ukraine in his last weeks as PMJohnson has been visiting Ukraine in his last weeks as PM

Stewart also told The Guardian: “I think he is dangerous and there are people out there who want him to come back…

“He’s going to be hovering around, hoping for a populist return.”

Johnson could reportedly take another shot at the leadership if his successor, widely expected to be Truss, is brought down by the cost-of-living crisis.

But it wouldn't be a simple return to power and there are obstacles in Johnson's path. 

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The Commons Privileges Committee inquiry into whether Johnson lied to MPs over Downing Street lockdown parties is still set to go ahead.

Although some of his allies, including Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, have already denounced the probe as a “witch hunt”.

Dorries had previously said Johnson would return for a second term as PM, like his idol Churchill, due to his "level of genius".

A Westminster insider told the Mirror a couple of weeks ago that Johnson was poised to take over if Truss, the favourite to take over as PM, "implodes".

The National: Johnson is still set to face the Commons privileges committee over claims he misled MPsJohnson is still set to face the Commons privileges committee over claims he misled MPs

We previously told how Johnson reportedly told a Tory peer, a billionaire whom he ennobled, that he wished he could "wipe away" his resignation.

The "caretaker" PM has been under fire for taking multiple foreign holidays over the summer while the cost of living crisis deepened, with OfGem announcing the price cap is set to hit £3549 in October. 

There have been numerous calls for urgent action to be taken, but Number 10 has insisted all decisions will be taken by the incoming PM next week.