CALLS are being made for Russia’s diplomat in Edinburgh to be expelled from the UK immediately for spreading “propaganda and false narratives” about the Ukraine invasion.

The Scottish Greens have urged the UK Government to take action against consul general Andrey Yakovlev and his staff, with warnings the consul’s official social media accounts are being used to promote pro-war messaging.

Earlier this year Scottish External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson also called for the expulsion of Yakovlev and Labour MSP Paul Sweeney tabled a motion at the Scottish Parliament urging this action to be taken.

The office of the Consulate General of Russia in Edinburgh has been the site of anti-war protests since the invasion of Ukraine began.

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Scottish Greens external affairs spokesman Ross Greer MSP, who is among a number of Scottish politicians recently sanctioned by the Russian regime, said: “This Kremlin mouthpiece cannot be allowed to keep spreading its repugnant lies under the cover of a so-called consulate in Scotland’s capital.

“Scotland stands with Ukraine and overwhelmingly rejects the poison being shared across the official social media channels of Russia’s representatives in Edinburgh.

“The consul and his staff have no place here while they continue to peddle falsehoods and pro-Russian military dogma, and we call for the UK Government to expel them immediately."

The call comes on the anniversary of Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, which also marks six months since the Russian invasion.

Greer added: “As this unjustifiable offensive reaches the six-month mark, we hope this will send a strong message of support to not just those fighting to defend Ukraine, but to all those who have fled to Scotland to seek sanctuary.

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“Every moment the consul is allowed to stay is a slap in the face to the thousands of Ukrainians who have been forced to flee to Scotland and other parts of the UK.

“On Ukraine’s independence day we must reaffirm our solidarity with those defending its freedom.

“The UK Government should do this by immediately expelling Yakovlev and closing his Edinburgh propaganda office.”

It is understood the UK Government has concerns about expelling the Russian Consul General in case it leads to a retaliatory expulsion of the UK's diplomatic presence in Russia. 

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) said:“The UK has gone further than ever before to sanction Putin and expose all those who prop up his war machine. 

"Having Russian representatives in the UK allows us to deliver clear and tough messages directly to Putin’s Government – as the FCDO summoning of the Russian Ambassador and the MoD summoning of the Russian Defence Attaché demonstrated.”

In a statement, the Russian Consulate in Edinburgh said: "The Consulate General has taken note of yet another hostile statement by the Scottish Greens calling for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the UK.

"Such statements go against the principles of international law and incite national hatred.

"The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Edinburgh in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations has the right to protect the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, providing them with objective information on Russia and its policy."