THE SNP has written to Boris Johnson demanding an immediate recall of Parliament to allow MPs to vote on an energy price freeze. 

The SNP’s leader in the House of Commons Ian Blackford has told the Prime Minister to “come out of hibernation” and use the UK Government’s reserved powers to block an energy price cap rise as one of his final acts in office. 

There have been warnings energy prices could reach £6000 across the country with Nicola Sturgeon chairing an emergency summit on Tuesday to discuss how to mitigate the impact of the rising cost of living. 

In his letter, Blackford said he was “receiving more desperate correspondence” from people in need of assistance with soaring bills. 

He added: “In the past week I have correspondence from families, NHS workers, a disabled war veteran all wondering how they are going to pay energy bills and make ends meet.

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“It’s unforgivable that people in Scotland are being forced to pay the price while the UK Government sits on its hands and refuses to act.”

The UK Government has previously said that there will be no new measures of support announced until the new prime minister is in office. 

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are still battling it out to convince Tory members who should succeed Boris Johnson. 

The winner is set to be announced on September 5. 

Commenting on the letter, Blackford said: “The UK Government is making the case for independence by refusing to use its reserved powers to tackle the Tory-made cost of living crisis – leaving Scottish families and businesses in the lurch not knowing what, when, or if help will come.

“Any government of an independent Scotland would already have introduced an emergency budget by now – using powers and levers currently reserved to Westminster to deliver vital help for households and small businesses.”

Blackford added that freezing the energy price cap could be a means for Johnson to restore some of his “obliterated reputation”. 

The Prime Minister only recently returned from his holiday in Greece, which came shortly after he had jetted off to Slovenia with his wife Carrie. 

Blackford added: “I am strongly of the opinion that there is a majority in parliament for a freeze to the energy price cap. The UK Government must allow Parliament to have its say.

“This must be quickly followed by an emergency budget to deliver the help families and small businesses need – scrapping VAT on fuel, doubling support for households and introducing an energy price cap and grants for small businesses. 

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“Families and businesses need help right now – not months down the line. Westminster refused to devolve key powers to Scotland – so it must act. 

“The UK Government cannot just come to a complete standstill, and abandon households, while the Tory leadership contest drags on. 

“With every day it delays, the UK Government is hammering households and underlining the need for Scotland to become an independent country with the powers and levers to act.”