REPORTS that Ruth Davidson is to tour the UK with former DUP boss Arlene Foster are “utter bollocks”, the former Scottish Tory leader has confirmed.

It had been claimed that the Baroness of Lundin Links was to set off on a road trip with the former Northern Irish first minister in an effort to drum up support for the Union.

The Sun reported a source close to the alleged tour as saying that they hoped to move the limelight away from Scottish independence.

They went on: “Arlene will hit the road with the likes of Ruth and show people what the Union means.”

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The news was met with disbelief, with Green MSP Maggie Chapman saying it was a sure sign things were “getting desperate” for the Unionist camp.

However, Davidson has moved to distance herself from the alleged pro-Union tour.

The Times journalist Keiran Andrews wrote on Twitter: “A source close to Ruth Davidson has described reports she is going on tour with Arlene Foster to promote the Union as ‘utter bollocks’ …”

Sharing the post, the former Scottish Tory boss wrote: “This source is well informed….”

However, Foster – the former minister responsible for the “Cash for Ash” scandal which eventually led to the toppling of the Northern Irish Executive and cost the taxpayer as much as £490 million – has launched the Together UK Foundation.

Writing in the Telegraph, the former DUP leader said that the new foundation would be “explicitly non-party political”.

Foster wrote: “We will bring mainstream pro-Union voices from across the entire country to highlight the benefits that the Union brings to us all - mostly without us realising it.”

“While I would welcome the arrival of a conviction Unionist into No10, we know Unionists exist in other parties too.

“Only recently, Angela Rayner, Labour's deputy leader, made clear her support for the Union and her commitment to fight for its maintenance. We look forward to working with mainstream politicians from across the UK.”

Commenting on Foster’s group, prime ministerial hopeful Liz Truss said it would “provide a brilliant platform” to highlight the benefits of the United Kingdom.

The National recently reported how Davidson had done nothing at all in the way of campaigning for reform of the House of Lords during her first year in the chamber, despite claiming it was one of her key priorities after accepting the peerage from Boris Johnson