SUPPORT among Scottish voters to rejoin the EU is soaring, a poll has revealed.

A new Panelbase survey has found Scotland is even more opposed to Brexit than in 2016, when 62% voted against it. 

Now, 72% have said they would vote to remain, while 69% would vote to rejoin the EU, up from 61% in January. 

This comes as the Yes campaign received a major boost when it was revealed more people would vote for independence regardless whether Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss succeeds Boris Johnson. 

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Those opposed to Brexit are more inclined to vote Yes to independence. 

The survey of 1133 adults in Scotland, carried out last week, suggests 57% of 2016 Remain voters would vote Yes, compared with 28% of Leave voters, while 12% remain undecided. 

Both Truss and Sunak are committed to Brexit, which the research suggests makes their task of preventing independence more difficult. 

The pair have both ruled out granting an independence referendum

When asked if Scotland would leave the UK in the next 10 years, 47% said it was likely, with 21% believing it very likely and 26% saying it is quite likely. 

The combined figure for those believing it unlikely was 34%, with the figure for those thinking independence “very unlikely” falling by 2% since January. 

The SNP's Europe spokesperson Dr Philippa Whitford MP said: "The effect of the Tories' disastrous Brexit is evident for all to see, eaxcerbating the spiralling cost of living crisis and wreaking havoc on our economy, society and on holidays abroad. 

"The impact on food prices will, however, be even worse when full checks on agri-products are introduced at the end of next year."

On Sunday, Aberdeen Independence Movement shared a photo on their social media.

People had been asked to place a sticker next to either "yes" or "no" about whether or not Brexit was working for the UK. 

Other questions were asked regarding whether or not the UK was beneficial to Scotland and if Scotland should be an independent country. 

The majority of stickers were placed on the "no" side when it came to whether Brexit was good for Scotland. 

Whitford added: "With both Labour and the Tories united in supporting the hard-Brexit we've been forced to suffer, voters in Scotland are realising the only way to end the chaos and rejoin the EU is with the full powers of independence. 

"Make no mistake, it's clear the chaos and disruption, forced on Scotland by a Brexit we overwhelmingly rejected, will be front and centre of their minds when Scots are given the chance to vote on their future in an independence referendum next year."

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer also reacted to the news, saying that Scotland initially rejected Brexit because "we knew that it would be a disaster".

The National: MSP Ross Greer said Brexit "was never going to work"MSP Ross Greer said Brexit "was never going to work"

Greer continued: "We can see the impact every day on empty supermarket shelves, in sectors such as farming and hospitality experiencing huge labour shortages and in the cost of every day items. 

"It has hammered our trade, hurt our exporters and raised prices for all of us during a cost of living crisis.

"And what was it all for? An empire-revivalist, Tory fantasy and some blue passports?"

He added that "the reality is that Brexit was never going to work," especially when it was pushed through by a "reckless and incompetent Tory government".

Greer said the current administration "has been more than happy to fan the flames or pejducie and xenophobia to cover up for its many failures and shortcomings".

The MSP added: "Scotland's future can still be in Europe, and next year's referendum will allow us to leave Boris Johnson's failed Brexit behind and re-join the EU as an independent member state."

At the Conservative hustings in Perth last week, Truss insisted she would be even stricter when it came to opposing Scottish independence than Johnson’s administration. 

Leading poll analyst Sir John Curtice said: “Simply arguing that another referendum should not be held at all seems unlikely to win many converts. 

“While 44% oppose a referendum in the next five years, 48% are in favour. 

“And only 37% believe the UK Government should make the decision on another ballot, while 52% reckon the Scottish government should do so.”

He added that the Union would “only be safe if people in Scotland come to believe in it”. 

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Curtice continued: “But it is far from clear that the next prime minister will have the right strategy to achieve that.”

In January, over 25% of people polled believed a government led by Truss would lead to Scottish independence. 

That has risen to nearly 40%, putting her almost on a par with Johnson, the most unpopular prime minister in Scotland for decades.