THE SNP have said they are unaware of any party members involved in abusive behaviour at the Perth Tory hustings, after opposition politicians attempted to draw a connection between Nicola Sturgeon and aggressive protesters.

Senior Tory MSP Murdo Fraser blamed Sturgeon for some of the abusive behaviour seen outside Perth Concert Hall - where BBC journalist James Cook was called “scum” and a “liar” by while working at the event.

Sturgeon labelled those involved as “disgraceful” whilst SNP Westminster chief Ian Blackford said he was “ashamed” to see what had happened. 

An SNP spokesperson said on Wednesday: "As the First Minister has made clear this behaviour is totally unacceptable. We are not aware of anyone in the SNP involved in the disgraceful incidents being reported."

In a post on social media Fraser, the MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife, said: “Can’t for the life of me think where last night’s spitting, egg-throwing, abuse-hurling anti-Tory mob in Perth get their ideas from.”

This was then followed by a video of the First Minister making a speech at The National's indyref rally in the lead-up to the 2019 General Election. 

In the video, Sturgeon says: “The Scotland we seek is opening, welcoming, diverse and inclusive and no Tory is ever going to be allowed to change that. 

“And down that Boris Johnson path lies a future where Boris Johnson has his strings pulled by Donald Trump.”

The video also shows Sturgeon saying how Scotland’s services will suffer at the hands of the UK Government. 

She continued: “Make no mistake, if we accept for our country that future, our National Health Service, workers’ rights, environmental standards, all of that is on the line. 

“That is not the Scotland that we want.”

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Outside the hustings, protesters represented various organisations and campaigns - including pro-independence groups, Stand Up to Racism and Alex Salmond's Alba party. 

It was not solely independence supporters making their opposition known - there was even one activist with a Union flag featuring the EU stars, in a show of support for rejoining the bloc while remaining part of the UK.

Several senior Conservative MPs have alleged that some Tory members and politicians were spat on at the event. The National has been unable to verify these claims.

Protesters were kept far back from members entering the concert hall, and dozens of police lined the area between the barrier and venue. 

Police Scotland confirmed that there were no arrests made and that it was their “duty under the European Convention on Human Rights” to protect the rights of those who wished to protest.