A MAJOR Yes National Day of Action is taking place today as the independence campaign group Believe in Scotland steps up a gear ahead of indyref2.

The day, set to involve more than 100 Yes groups, also marks the launch of a new billboard campaign.

Some 300,000 leaflets have been distributed across Scotland this week to activists manning Yes stalls and have also been delivered to wider communities.

A total of 95% of Yes groups and several national campaigning organisations have affiliated to Believe in Scotland, and they have split their campaign into 17 local regions.

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There will also be two new images added to Believe in Scotland’s national billboard campaign which has already seen six designs appear in 100 different locations.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, the founder and chief executive officer of Believe in Scotland, said: “The billboards are positive images with simple messages that we want people to be able to see and remember in the few seconds it takes for their car or train to whizz by.

“We want people to smile when they see them.”

There will also be a major online element to the campaign, with Believe in Scotland encouraging the roughly 400,000 unique followers of its Facebook pages to share the new images, as well as a social media advertising campaign.

Four new and up-to-date leaflets focus on Scotland’s wealth, protecting devolution, renewables and wellbeing. An additional 20-25 groups are also planning leaflets drops during the week.

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MacIntyre-Kemp added: “The overall campaign is a mixture of images and positive messages about the future prospects of an independent Scotland and negative messages pointing out that the UK is failing to support or vital transition to renewables, act on energy prices and is undermining Scottish devolution.

“The Yes campaign has momentum and a focus. This is only 10% of what we have planned going forward. Our next day of action in October will focus on one year to go to indyref2 and will be much larger.

“This is the start of the campaign, and there’s no stopping now.

“We intend to keep going all the way to the vote next October or even until the next General Election in 2024 if we must.”

The Yes groups in each of the 17 regions have elected representatives to the Believe in Scotland campaign steering group, which has now met three times to drive the campaign forward.

They have agreed to join in and campaign under the umbrella of Believe in Scotland and have signed their code of conduct which maintains political party neutrality.